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About Us

Stephen C. Markham have for 30 years been involved in the lead work that has been used on many listed buildings and in historic parks and venues.

Decorative lead work is an old craft tradition using a process that has hardly changed over the years, all the items we produce are manufactured by hand in our workshop based in Essex, using sheet lead, carved mouldings, and the more traditional sand cast method.

We have used our skills and craftsmanship to create a comprehensive collection of decorative and ornamental lead gardenware, ideally suited to the English garden because of its tolerence to the elements.

It is easily maintained and develops a natural patina over the years, improving its appearance.

Over the years we have received many pretigous awards for craftsmanship and our work is recoginised in the practice of lead working.

If you have been to Kensington Gardens or Tatton Park or a visitor to one of many London's historic buildings such as Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, Tower of London and The Houses of Parliament, you may have noticed ornamental rainwater goods, the spires, towers, domes, statues, even the cisterns and planters that adorn these buildings and parks.