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Garden Planters

Part of our designs of Lead Planters for your garden, the complete Collection and more information is available in our brochure.View All Planters Click here


                           PL 44 - Large oblong panel trim planter and PL 97 - Medium Vase

Circular Planters Square Planters
circular shaped planters
Our circular shaped lead garden planters can be used for any type of plant or even as garden ornamentation on their own.
Square and rectangular planters for the more formal garden setting.


Lead Urn Planters Rectangular Planters
Lead Urn Planters

Shown UR3 - Lead Urn planter.

As stand alone pieces for decorative use, or for a more formal planting style.

Rectangular Shaped Planters

Shown - PL51 and PL 52 . The large and small Adams design planters


The JC Range of Planters Wall mounted
JC Range The Stephen C Markham collection have introduced the JC Range of planters, inspired by a Minorcan sunset and a visit to Barcelona.
Planters of Various Shapes A range of planters that are smaller in size for wall hanging, window boxes.

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