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Water pool bases for our floor standing fountains come in a range of sizes and designs, as do the water spouts, and can be incorporated to suit your personal design choice, fountain masks are mainly used on the smaller fountains, but can be put onto any of the water features.

Our range of water features include pumps unless otherwise stated

Please remember that our complete range and more information is available in our brochure. Click here

Garden Water Features                                                                           F20 - Two tier complete fountain    

adams fountain                                                                                 F28 - Adams floor fountain

Floor Standing - F25 Complete water feature Wall Mounted - F19 Cherub wall fountain
circular shaped planters
Our floor standing water fountains, available in different styles and designs. We offer delivery and installation for an extra charge.
Garden Water Features
Wall mounted fountains if space is limited, are an ideal solution.


  Shells - SH1, SH2, SH3, SH4 Fountain Masks - FM8 - Neptune Wind
Garden Water Features We have a range of shells for use as bird baths, or as a waterfall when built in to existing features. available in a range of four sizes and styles to suit.
Garden Water Features All fountain masks are fitted with a pipe for water, unless otherwise directed.

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